Poetry becomes a medium for painting new images. The images become words for writing new poetry.

As poet and artist, in his search Opiemme explores poetry through social themes. By transforming words into colour and images, he allows his works to be interpreted two-dimensionally, in a way in which letters simultaneously become its content and depth. Images to be read and words to be looked at – with a political mindset and yet without partisanship – his works tell of freedom, justice, civil ethics and respect towards nature. Art without boundaries, which dreams of hope and values. His work starts from poetry and moves towards a contamination with visual arts, he constantly renews communicative urgencies. The street-poetry which the artist represents has evolved under the influence of street and public art, expressive forms useful in dealing with social and environmental themes in an ironic manner. Opiemme lives and works in Turin, started his quest before 2000.

“For decades graffiti writers have been checking out one anothers’ bonafides with this question. Even as tags turned to large complex pieces, evermore stylized through means of exaggeration or obfuscation, text has always stayed as a fundamental building block for graffiti writers. Italian fine artist and Street Artist Opiemme took a variety of routes to employ the text-based art on the street this summer with his “journey through painting and poetry,” a project inspired by poets he loves. Breaking apart, recombining, stretching and spreading the written letterform, the public poetic paintings were conceived to be site-specific and included walls and pavement installations across Italy from north to south […]“   from: “A Journey through painting and poetry” on The Huffington Post, Brooklyn Street Art


Know more about Opiemme: opiemme.com


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