Chekos’art, living and working in Lecce (Italy),†is the main founder of Street Art South Italy, an artistic collective founded in January 2009 as a platform/movement between the various national and international artists. The platform wants to be contaminated with ongoing events with codeveloping new artists from all over the world. It is A free movement, that wants to be opened to everyone and ready also to continue its development and experimentation.Street Art South Italy’s philosophy is a freedom of expression, sharing and interaction, away from the various traditional beliefs.

Chekos’art together with Ania K. (living and working in Lecce too) put the idea of a new exhibition centre in continuous mutation. Their idea took shape in the†The “167B /Street” space dedicated to art .

167/B Street is a work in progress to open the city to art, according to contemporary trends and experiments. Several artists in rotation revolutionise the space with a site specific installation in the name of the mutability of art. 167B/street is also a laboratory of new artistic production, as T-shirts, canvas, prints…
Since 3 years ago they participated to different European projects, as youth exchange, seminars, workshops, collective exhibition in Italy and abroad.

Find other news about Checkos’art’s †and Ania K.’s projects:†chekosart.blogspot.it | workchekos.blogspot.it |†167bstreet.wordpress.com |†streetartsouthitaly.blogspot.it†|†facebook.com/chekosart†|†facebook.com/pages/167B-Street


Download the exclusive postcard!†ďA Postcard from Kufa: Chekos’art?(high quality pdf: 2,8 Mb)


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