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Luxembourg: a country of communes (102 to be exact!), a country of mixed nationalities. Today we had the pleasure of speaking with Olivier Baume from Transition Bonnevoie—a social enterprise which was established in 2014 as a two-man show with Oliver and Luis Santiago—about some exciting new projects happening in the Bonnevoie neighbourhood, a neighbourhood home to a wealth of nationalities and personalities.


Olivier Baume, Transition Bonnevoie

Olivier Baume, Transition Bonnevoie

Starting with the idea of a “gift box”, Transition Bonnevoie’s main venture has been to transform the Bonnevoie neighbourhood into a place where people not only share a space, but also a willingness to converse and really get to know each other, beyond a quick “hello” on the street. The gift box concept, a box where anything from clothes, toys and books are stored for people to take freely, spurred the idea to create a weekend market as a way to link the diverse communities living in Bonnevoie. With a vision to showcase food, products, crafts and whatever else might reveal the pride of one’s homeland, the market would serve as a place to connect people through culture (which Luxembourg has no shortage of!), a place to buy affordable items, and a place that brings life to the Bonnevoie neighbourhood, especially on the sleepy weekends.


Oliver informed us that some of the biggest obstacles faced when setting up projects of this nature are always safety and security of the citizens. The commune has been supportive of the idea but steps to ensure the protection of citizens always slows down the process, and of course there are concerns about the environment that must be addressed as well. A Bonnevoie market has received positive feedback so far, however, with just four people working on the project it may take some time to be achieved.


In the past, Transition Bonnevoie was granted 200,000 euro to redesign Place du Parc, which it held a café citoyen style workshop where support and input from the local community was shown by giving suggestions as to what improvements could be made to make Bonnevoie more lively. More recently, a questionnaire was circulated on 16 October to find out what Bonnevoie dwellers would like to see at a weekend market and we are truly excited to see social initiatives like this popping up around the city!


Article was written by Kelsey Todter in the frame of the project ” The added value of social entrepreneurship in youth work” supported Erasmus Plus Programme. 

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