Laura – welcome to our team!

Welcome to Laura




Hello hello and thank you for this moment to introduce myself. I find it always a bit uncomfortable to talk about oneself but I believe that is common for a lot of people.

To begin, I am a graduate from the University of Washington (Seattle) with a degree in Landscape Architecture, specializing in environmental resource management and ecosystem restoration. After graduating, my daughter and I moved to Luxembourg, getting to know aunts, uncles and cousins and starting a small business in the eight years since moving here. As for many, this pandemic has changed our lives and I now have an opportunity to utilize the varied skills my education, work experience and community have given me, with Art Square. I’m very happy to be able to work with a company that mirrors my own motivations, actions and views and, in today’s world, I can recognize this for the opportunity it is. I look forward to working with our community, new and old, to help facilitate these same opportunities for others. Thank you for this moment of your time and talk to you soon,  Laura

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