Design Thinking

What is Design Thinking? 

Design Thinking is a human centered approach that serves creation of the products and services in relation to the needs of its direct users. It is simply the mindset based on Empathy, Co-operation of multidisciplinary Team and Courage to prototype.

According to it is based on 5 stages:


The process

The process of Design Thinking combines imagination with discipline in a sequence of divergent and convergent steps. We open our imagination with WHAT IF question (e.g. What if food would talk?) and create multiple choices. Afterwards we converge= select ideas, make choices. It is this alteration of analysis and synthesis that allows us to come up with the final choice to be prototyped, tested, improved and tested again.

It is not an EUREKA moment that makes us creative but the above described process, spiced with the courage to show unfinished product and ….fun.


For whom: 

The mindset of Design Thinking is open for all who seek to improve their products or services (institutions, companies, associations, etc) or create the new solutions for their challenges.

encourage ideas

In order to assist you with understanding and/or application of Design Thinking in your challenge we propose the following: 
Design Thinking TEASER  (4h): will allow you to understand the mindset and the process of DT and learn by doing. We will use the example of the universal problem from personal life and prototype the solution during the short hands-on workshop.


Design Thinking JAM (1-3 days): workshops implemented in our partners Lab ( where all stages of Design Thinking process are experienced by the participants in real time. The workshop includes the field research and application of the specific tools used by the designers, like Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, Jobs to be Done, Stakeholders Mapping.We will use the example of the universal problem from personal life or professional problem relevant to your organization.


IN-HOUSE Service design (from 7 days till 8 weeks): focusing exclusively on the problem/challenge in your organization, we invite your team to follow the week-by-week process, where DT tools are explained and applied. Starting with empathising with the user, we re-fine the challenge, collect ideas, prototype and test the solution in real world. Your organization will receive the input as well as a set of practical tools used by designers (Culture Probs, Personas, Customer Journey Mapping, Jobs to be Done, Stakeholders Mapping, Service Blueprint, Value Proposition Canvas, Prototyping, etc). We guarantee the tailored follow up process to make sure that the solution is inserted into daily life of your organization.