Coaching for Artists

Art Square offers self-assessment workshops for artists composed of three stages:

The workshop put in focus the question: where the artist enters the role of entrepreneur? is that when marketing the art pieces? networking with potential stakeholders? creating the business plan?
Art Square focuses on idea that the real entrepreneurship starts with self-awareness of the artist and answering the questions: where I am now? what are my competences? what I am strong in and what skills, knowledge I need to improve?

Some opinions from artists on our last workshop during Paratissima in Torino, November 2013:

“It was great place for the inspiration. I think that it was for us common inspiration”.

“We have to change our attitude from high art to the process. It was really good time for self reflection, I could say and name what I really want to do, what I want to achieve. For me maybe it was clear, but when I had to name it and explain, it was really difficult”.

“I really like this workshop, because I saw, that there are more people like me, who have similar problem”

“What is main problem for me that in my private life I really have to do another things to earn money. Reallity push me to do things, which I am doing just for money.”

“What I really like n this workshop, that we can all together work wthout competition, prejudice..what is not so common in artists community”.

“I think that we have to change our attitude towards our clients. They have to see whole process not just effect. We have to show them, how many effort we have to put to do this stuff.”

“Some of the people really wanted tips “do/don’t” but it was really good time to think where I am, and where I would like to go”.

Coaching for Artists

The last seminar took place in Luxembourg in August 2014, in English.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 22.29.37And don’t forget to download our BOOKLET in .pdf format about 2014 Coaching for artists Program showing the program for the next year!!