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19 Apr

Entrepreneurship of Artists- workshop in Cologne/ Germany in May!

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// Hello artist //
Do you want to …
… find new ideas of co-operating with your audience?
… allocate your time in interesting projects where you can share your creative energy with new audiences?
… afford to focus on projects that you keep on the long term on your ‘to-do’ list?
… meet other artists to network and share your ideas for living with art?
This 4-hour workshop will give you a basic insight into how to change this, the steps you can take and what results you are looking for. It will also ask you the question, WHY am I doing this? For whom, what and why? If you can Define your why, your purpose and your competence; construct your stories; be authentic – then you are in a position to transform your career in the arts.
During the workshop we will use techniques of group coaching: appreciative inquiry, story telling as well as design thinking.

// Information
15.05.2015 von 16-20 Uhr plus After-Get-Together an der Bar
(inkl. Kaffee, Tee und Snacks)

16.05.2015 von 10-14 Uhr plus After-Get-Together an der Bar
(inkl. Kaffee, Tee und Snacks)

Preis 40 EUR
Tickets ab dem 07.04.2015 bei uns im Veedelswerk oder online (plus Ticket-Vorverkauf-Gebühren):

Looking forward to see you in Cologne!

17 Sep

Urban Art in KUFA Project 2014

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The long therm project gave its results! See the blog post and give a look to the attached video…


International artists, Luxembourgish students and national institutions were involved in activities and workshops during this project and now, after 4 monts, we are going to close it in the best way ever. Have a taste here of what is going to happen the next week!

And don’t miss the free BBQ!


21 Apr

Urban Project with Kufa in Esch-sur-Alzette – There we go!

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As we announced, our collaboration of Art Square with Kulturfabrik is going on! So let’s discover who will be our awesome guests from all over the Europe. Give a look to the promotional video made in Kufa and… don’t forget to pump-up the volume!

14 Feb

Urban Project with Kufa in Esch-sur-Alzette

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Between May and September 2014 – 8 international artists will arrive to Esch and collaborate with Kulturfabrik on our common project. In result the yard of Kufa will get the new look and also the ideas of young people from local schools will blossom as the artists will organize workshops with them! stencils, poetry drawing, comic drawings and DJ sets- many things will happen around!

More details soon!

25 May

Hahngars Project/ Germany

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As follow-up of our meeting in Hirschfeld, and as a fruit our cooperation started some months ago, a new artistic project is born: “Hahn-gars”.

We do not want to abandon the area of Hahn. We want to question it, re-feel it, reflect about it using the force of contemporary art and the talent of our artists. We are still thinking about its form, this is a process… thinking about the space there, the architecture of this place, the magic landscape, the  h i s t o r y.

A curatorial challenge in front of us…