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11 Jul

Paratissima Skopje Art Fair- we were there!

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19 Apr

Urban Art Biennale 2015- Volklinger Hutte/ Germany

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Arab Urban Art is greatly represented during the Biennale though writings of Tunisian, Moroccan and Egyptian Artists. It is hard to imagine that the pieces are an actual voice of the streets fighting for freedom and the shape of the country young people want to have.

The steal factory, closed from 80-ties, is the noble host of the art that even if nicely framed here- belongs to the dust, gas, fire, dirt and devoted life of many people. Like the factory was. Like the revolution is.

To find the exposition, I have to go down the metal stairs, inside and outside, though the narrow passages and dark rooms. The elegant canvas (most of the pieces presented are framed or painted on  pieces of industrial materials, iron gates, fences, etc) put the question mark if this is the best method of presenting the street art, similarly like cutting medieval altars from churches and exposing them in the museum. Are they now the artefacts and not any more the weapons for freedom of speech?





19 Apr

//hello artist- workshop in Cologne – May 15th and 16th

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// Hello artist //
Do you want to …
… find new ideas of co-operating with your audience?
… allocate your time in interesting projects where you can share your creative energy with new audiences?
… afford to focus on projects that you keep on the long term on your ‘to-do’ list?
… meet other artists to network and share your ideas for living with art?
This 4-hour workshop will give you a basic insight into how to change this, the steps you can take and what results you are looking for. It will also ask you the question, WHY am I doing this? For whom, what and why? If you can Define your why, your purpose and your competence; construct your stories; be authentic – then you are in a position to transform your career in the arts.
During the workshop we will use techniques of group coaching: appreciative inquiry, story telling as well as design thinking.
// Information

15.05.2015 von 16-20 Uhr plus After-Get-Together an der Bar
(inkl. Kaffee, Tee und Snacks)

16.05.2015 von 10-14 Uhr plus After-Get-Together an der Bar
(inkl. Kaffee, Tee und Snacks)

Fee 40 EUR
Tickets ab dem 07.04.2015 bei uns im Veedelswerk oder online (plus Ticket-Vorverkauf-Gebühren):

01 Jan

When was the last time you felt Piety?

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Piety is not an Art Object //

Looking at the Maria and Jesus pictured near the abandoned construction, one could have doubts what is more sorrowful: the Piety or the Factory in the background. Both create strong emotions. And both represent the dance of beauty with post-apocalyptic spirit of the factory or the mourn of Jesus’ mother. God is dead; the huge industrial area is falling apart. Silence of Golgotha. What will happen next?





Piety //

Italian language makes it clear for Pietà meaning the pity, compassion and mercy/misericordia. Street – Photo- Performance of Dott.Porka collective recalls the representation of Michelangelo’s Piety that gathers crowds in Vatican. But can the feeling of pity be an object of art? Shame on us for seeing only sculpture and not the real drama of that scene! Why it is not easy any more to be really compassionate with Maria: because we know happy-end of the biblical story? Or because we do not see any more its tragedy, as we got used to see its reproductions all over?


WHEN was the last time YOU felt pity/compassion? //

Dott.Porka collective challenges us in this point: all the sudden we see alive -in the flesh- mourning mother, carrying her only son in Golgotha of the Esch- Factory. The confrontation goes also much further beyond the Piety and beyond this spot on the map: it represents all forms of abandoned human dignity. During the performance of the collective titled “Piety is not an art object” presented as part of the Kufa Urban Art Festival in September 2014, the central image is reinforced by the video created by Mr.2B with sound prepared by Mo_o/Yellows (IT). Visuals of global dramas with their leaders, uprisings and demonstrations, armies, weapons and cemeteries…Contemporary Piety of humanity.

And again the question: do we really have compassion for suffering that is happening in global scale? Or did we get used to digest the pictures broadcasted by TV, consuming paprika flavored chips, sitting on our sofas?


Factory //

“The places where environment and society short-circuit are called ready-made areas. Like the ready-made objects, these places lost their function and became puzzling and absurd: perceptions are impossible to order and be made sense of. The mind has no points of reference and gets lots”- says Manifesto ver. 1.0 of Dott.Porka’s P-Proj collective.

In practice the artists direct our attention to denied spaces that have lost their original function, misused and cut off the flow of current communication channels. Their own tool called street-photo-performance is used as the tool for analysis of the areas. In this way, photographing the Piety in the context of the abandoned factory in Luxembourg sets in the place a new dynamics where both empower meaning of one-another.


But there is also an eye of the observer involved in the process and makes it three-dimensional (piety- factory- observer).

As stated in the Manifesto: “Street-photo performances are strengthened when there’s an audience who is suddenly shown gashes of disordered space: its reactions become part of the creative act and often, whether they want it or not, give a new, unexpected meaning to the performance, erasing the boundaries between art and life”.


Explorations proposed by the Dott. Porka collective might guide the audience to the trip in the “Zone” depicted in the movie “Stalker” of Andrey Tarkovsky where the physical journey of characters turns into their inner journey. Stepping into the abandoned territory, the black and white film is getting slowly into the colored one. It becomes part of emotion and memory, dragging the observer out of the comfort zone.


Accepting invitation into performance arranged by the Dott.Porka collective in ready-made areas, we are given a similar impulse for resurrection- of ourselves and the space.




December 2014









28 Oct

Coaching for artists program 2014-2015

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“... where do I stand now in my career?
what are my competences?
what are my strong skills, 
knowledge and expertise? 
what i still need to improve in order to reach my artistic goal?”


Art-Square wants to give to the artists a method to answer to these main questions, and consecutively  to reach their goals.

Art Square focuses on idea that the real entrepreneurship starts with self-awareness of the artist.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 22.29.37Download and read our 2014 Coaching for artists Program in .pdf format and join the 5 weeks on line course!