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31 Jul

Young HeArtists Worldwide project – April 2016

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06 Dec

Third Teaser in Urban Art Esch project- Italian Artist Galo

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20 Sep

once upon a time.. when Esch Belval was transformed..

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12 Sep

Nespoon in Luxembourg- photo gallery

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12 Sep

Positive art – interview with Polish artist Nespoon

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Please tell us a little bit about yourself: where you grew up, when and why you started painting street art, where your works are located, etc.

I was born in Warsaw, Poland and I still live here. I painted since I remember, but I started to paint on the streets in 2009. That was the moment, when I was born again, I became NeSpoon. That’s why I like to say that I’m 5 years old.
You cen meet my works in many countries: Poland, Germany, England, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Austria, USA, Egypt, West Bank, India, Thailand… I don’t remember where else. I travel a lot.

Your work is called “jewelry of the public space”, how did this fantastic idea occur to you, to make jewelry for the public space?
I live in very beatiful country, but since collapse of communism the city landscape here was distroyed by invasion of millions of ads, mostly illegally placed. Eight years ago together with a group of friends we founded an NGO, the association which only one goal was to put a stop to the advertising chaos in our landscape, by changing the law. But formal action was not enough for me, after three years I decided to improve the public space on my own, using my art skills. I thought that if the largest, reputable companies can operate illegally in public spaces – I can too.

Many artists mention the will to communicate to the public as one of the reasons that they create street art. If your art has a message, what would it be?
I try to make positive art and to invoke positive emotions by the people. I use lace patterns, because in every lace we can find a universal aesthetic code, which is deeply embedded in every culture. In every lace we find symmetry, some kind of order and harmony. Is it not that which we all are looking instinctively for?
Sometimes in my work I comment as well social and political issues that I consider to be important.

What are some of the difficulties, even danger, that women street artists encounter when they are at work?
I never felt any particular danger because I’m a woman-artist. OK, if you paint alone, in the night, in the bad district of foreign city, you don’t feel comfortable and it’s better to avoid such situation not as artist, but as a woman. On the contrary, many times when I painted alone on the street I received a lot of help and kindness from local peaople, just because I was a girl. The difficulties? Well, street art is bassically similar to construction work, you have to manage with ladder, buckets, scaffoldings, other haevy stuff. It’s exhausting for girls, but I like it.

What do you think of being a woman artist? Does your gender play a role in your graffiti projects?
Of course. I think that no man would use the laces as a medium, it’s women’s thing. I travel a lot and all over the world only women weave laces. It’s very symbolic, it’s a proof that we are the source of natural harmony in the universe, it flows out of us.