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24 May

Urban Art in Kufa 2014- Esch-sur-Alzette

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BR1 - kufa - luxembourg 2014 lowBR1, artist from Torino/IT has implemented new work in Luxembourg, in co-operation with Kulturfabrik.

the period: may 2014
the size: 340 x 600 cm
the technique: poster on wall

22 Mar

Flat Garden Project with CCC in Torino- Art Square is infected!

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TRANSITION TO “THE FLAT GARDEN ” at the former brewery cccTo Metzger of Turin.

After ” TRANSITION ZONE” (sponsored by MicroMacro Art Zone, the call for artists & curators which accompanied in 2011/ 2012 the first phase, the one of the birth of the project of the former brewery cccTo Metzger – Centro di Cultura Contemporanea di Torino, and characterized by recovery of the industrial space inside of approximately 1000 square meters), in the coming months the creative energy will focus on the outside of the historic industrial building. Art declined in every gender, dance, theater and music, but mostly street art and urban art will be the protagonists of the second phase, which involves the functional transformation of 1500 sqm of flat roofs (and/or not) of the former brewery located in Turin. Therefore the important task of regeneration / urban transformation promoted by cccTo – former brewery Metzger, the Free Zone for the arts, all the arts, goes on. In the coming months the grey roof sheathing tar will be transformed into a green zone in a colorful open-air performance space, as provided by “The flat garden” project, promoted by former brewery cccTo Metzger, MicroMacro Art Zone in collaboration with MAU Museum of Urban Art the Association ll Cerchio e le Gocce, with the sponsorship of the City of Torino District IV. As in TRANSITION ZONE, for a limited and unrepeatable time the old nineteenth-century factory in Via San Donato 68 in Turin (designed by Pietro Fenoglio, the famous Art Nouveau architect from Turin), by place of work and effort, it is now ready for another transformation. From next April on, the artists can use the open space on-site to “create”, interacting with ” the place that changes,” and leaving an indelible trace of their passage in a work individual and collective at the same time, wiht a real global visibility, and accessible to all through the cybernetic eyes offered by remote sensing satellites in orbit around the Earth ( NOTE: Google Maps should update soon its maps with new aerial views of the sky above Turin giving, with a simple click and at cost zero, potential visibility to all those who have access to the internet) .


TRANSITION IN TO “THE FLAT GARDEN ” at the former brewery cccTo Metzger of Turin.

All artists (really all: painters, sculptors, dancers, writers , actors, photographers, performers, lighting designers, musicians, VJs , DJs, designers, cartoonists, film makers, etc. . ) without exclusion of gender are invited to attend.

To register, you need to fill in each part the Proposal Submission’s Form, available at the following address:

Info by writing to:

The tender for the non-linear structure of the project does not have a predetermined duration but may be terminated, without notice, possibly in early summer.

PS : Participation is completely free. Participants will not receive compensation. The copyright of works carried out on site and which will not be removable, will be of MicroMacro Art Zone / cccTo former brewery Metzger, otherwise of the authors. The organizers neither finance the production of work nor recognize commissions on any exposures. Where possible, and depending on the availability and on the collaboration of sponsors, will be available free of charge materials for the construction of the works. If requested, and within the limits of capacity, will be able to stay for short periods at the guesthouse1982111_10202863033490052_2095989810_n

19 Nov

Art Square on Paratissima in Torino, 2013

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IMG_1246 PastedGraphic-2PastedGraphic-2PastedGraphic-2coaching_for_artists


Together with our Italian partner Associazione “e” we have implemented the Workshop titled”Artist as Entrepreneur” during Paratissima Art Fair this week in Torino. The workshop was part of Paraschool program that offered the artists and the visitors the chance to tale part in educational activities.

Our Workshop focused on self-assessment of artists: the participants were invited to review their competences using the tools, the potential of the group and their reflection about Paratissima.

The workshop was evaluated very positive: as the initiative that is needed for artists on regular basis, empowerment for their future work and a point of critical reflection about their career.

05 Nov

City-zens of CityScape – Torino 2013

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Art Square Luxembourg co-creates Urban Art Project in Italy!

International Artists from Poland, Italy, Luxemborg and Romania will meet today in Torino for big fusion of Urban Art creations. The project is organized in co-operation with Assoziazione e and is co-financed by Youth in Action Program of European Commission.

The project will consist of urban workshops that will be realized and led by young artists from the international teams. Through mural painting, dance in urban space, sound, video-mapping and urban recycling young artists will have a chance to get new skills, new techniques and above all work together on their new themes and ideas.

During the whole week, we will observe the landscape of Torino as the example of interventions of citizens – urban artists, music producers, gardeners, musicians.

PastedGraphic-2 IMG_1186 cc_36

Young artists will meet local organizations involved in urban animation:

  • Multicultural Hub CECCHI POINT
  • BUNKER of Association URBE
  • PARATISSIMA of Association Ylda,
  • PicTurin and others.

Profiting from the PARATISSIMA - international art and culture event, we will have a better look at international contemporary and urban art presented there and we will reflect on where and how its force can be used in social change. Thanks to our cooperation with PARATISSIMA, young artists will have an opportunity to expose their previous personal works this contemporary art event in Turin.