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21 May

Laura – welcome to our team!

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Welcome to Laura




Hello hello and thank you for this moment to introduce myself. I find it always a bit uncomfortable to talk about oneself but I believe that is common for a lot of people.

To begin, I am a graduate from the University of Washington (Seattle) with a degree in Landscape Architecture, specializing in environmental resource management and ecosystem restoration. After graduating, my daughter and I moved to Luxembourg, getting to know aunts, uncles and cousins and starting a small business in the eight years since moving here. As for many, this pandemic has changed our lives and I now have an opportunity to utilize the varied skills my education, work experience and community have given me, with Art Square. I’m very happy to be able to work with a company that mirrors my own motivations, actions and views and, in today’s world, I can recognize this for the opportunity it is. I look forward to working with our community, new and old, to help facilitate these same opportunities for others. Thank you for this moment of your time and talk to you soon,  Laura

16 May

Imaginarium Project – kicking off the preparations!

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The countdown to Imaginarium project has started and we are visiting the great venue: Centre Ellergronn in Esch -sur- Alzette where the Design Challenge will take place on 12th-13th June.

More information and registration for the teams: IMG_3172

07 May

Registrations for Imaginarium Project open!

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Imaginarium Poster FR latest

13 Apr

Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work network

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Last week we took part in a an online conference Social Entrepreneurship in Youth Work in the frame of our EU project “SEYW”.

During the conference we had a chance to listen to a number of case studies, examples of social entrepreneurship projects from Luxembourg, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Estonia. It was impressive to see the engagement of young people in their contribution to the just society with smart ideas that can offer employment to themselves and the others!



Project financed with Erasmus Plus Program of EU.

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 09.55.01

13 Apr

What if …. Imaginarium Project

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Climate change, future of work, food, sustainability and environmental pollution : What can we expect? 

Many dark narratives are being created and even if the situation is for sure dramatic, some young people are feeling overwhelmed and are losing the belief in being able to create change by themselves. 

In this situation the citizens, entrepreneurs, teachers but especially young people need to be assisted with different ways of thinking where creativity and creative problem solving plays a central role. We need to revive the imagination of young people for inventing positive future scenarios as well as support their creative courage to be able to be the protagonists of the imagined future. How to proceed?

In the project “Imaginarium”, we are going to introduce creativity using Design Thinking and Futures Thinking methodology. By “teaching” the future, you can engage young people in thinking and projects that motivate them to learn, equip them to face uncertainty and challenge, empower them to envision a preferred future, and develop agency to bring it about. Therefore “futures thinking competence is becoming a necessity today, and not just an interesting intellectual exercise. 

The project will take place on 12th- 13th June 2021 in Esch sur Alzette. More details soon! 

This project is financed with support of FNR.