Book review: Universal Methods of Design

Book review "Universal Methods of Design"

Book review: Universal Methods of Design


Publisher: Rockport
Year: 2012
Pages: 208


Technical · structured · in depth


BRUCE HANINGTON is associate professor and director in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania. BELLA MARTIn is a designer practitioner and independent consultant with a Master of Design from CMU.

Goals (what’s inside)

This handbook offers a list of 100 methods from all design phases, with characteristics and links to further reference. But the scope goes beyond that: as the authors state, it’s not “just” a list – it’s a tool to structure efficient and productive conversations in each phase of the design project, by providing a universal language for practitioners to easily communicate and co-create.

Values (why we love it)

The infographics & alphabetical order help quickly narrow down the most useful techniques for a project or session. No need to read from start to finish – you can “hop on or off” wherever you need!

Needs (read if you…)

  • … need a quick reference guide before a session
  • … want a range of options to choose from before planning your next design phase

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