Book Review: Make Space

Book review of "Make Space"

Book review: Make Space


Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2012
Pages: 271


Jam-packed · resourceful · hands-on


SCOTT DORLEY is the Creative Director at and focuses on the intersection between physical context and digital media. SCOTT WITTHOFT is an engineer and teacher of human-centered design at Stanford University.

Goals (what’s inside)

Based on the d-school’s experience, this guidebook shows how changing your surroundings can spark creativity and innovation. There are tools – how to build furniture or treat walls – but also ready-made layouts for specific situations, insights, case studies, and a breakdown of how properties of a place can inspire new actions and attitudes. Because this book is about “creative spaces,” but ultimately it’s also about “creating spaces” for everyone’s inner innovator.

Values (why we love it)

Much like a cookbook, you can look for what you need – and the references at the end of each page guide you to what else can help you. Moreover, the book also teaches you how to build specific stuff for your space.

Needs (read if you…)

  • … want to understand how space interacts with your activities
  • … want quick ideas to change your environment and improve your work

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