Book review: How to Research Trends

Book review "How to Research Trends"

Book review: How to Research Trends


Publisher: BIS Publishers
Year: 2017
Pages: 200


Pioneering · down to earth · illuminating


ELS DRAGT is a trend researcher with over fifteen years of experience in translating them into insights understandable to everyone. Now she works for agency MARE Research and teaches at Fontys International Lifestyle Studies.

Goals (what’s inside)

What are trends? Some may think about fashion, but actually trend research still looks like a mysterious work for many. In this book, Els Dragt doesn’t limit herself to giving us an insider look into this job. Instead, she puts into words what for many practitioners is “an art and a science,” the intersection of analytical approaches and methodology and the human factors of insight and intuition.

Values (why we love it)

The book details each step of the process of trend research – a true guide into a futuristic job! There are also lists of websites and other references you can use to kickstart your journey as a trend researcher!

Needs (read if you…)

  • … want to learn how to research and find signals of change
  • … want to use your curiosity to discover what’s changing around you

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