Who we are

We use design thinking to activate the creative potential of people in the social and cultural field.


We want to support changemakers in solving messy problems, those with no clear solutions in sight. And we do so by teaching Design Thinking – a methodology, but also a mindset, that puts the people we want to serve at the center of the whole process. We listen. We imagine. We test. And we do it again, and again. Because in the end, it’s more than building creativity and innovation – it’s about creating empowering connections between human beings.

If you can’t wait to change the world, let’s have a chat!

P.S. We are a no-profit organization, but we also have a service design agency!



Magdalena Jakubowska – Design Thinker, passionate about Service Design and user experience, facilitator of individual and group learning. Natural born prototyper.

Piotr Gawel- social psychologist, cultural animator, trainer involved in social and cultural projects. Passionate about creativity, innovation and social change. Since 2014, Design Thinking process facilitator.

In our daily work, we co-operate with artists, social workers and institutions in a wild range of fields, from community projects to humanitarian actions, educational curricula and entrepreneurship in the arts. We offer courses, seminars and events, often in collaboration with local and international partners, to promote creativity, future thinking and transdisciplinarity. We also lead the monthly Design Thinking Luxembourg Meetup group (a community of 1000+ members!) and are the organizers of the local chapter of the Global Service Jam, a global event for people who want to build sustainable solutions for their community. As design thinkers, we use our expertise in co-creation and facilitation to support and discover the creative potential of everyone.

It’s about playing. It’s about connecting. It’s about asking WHY, and then WHAT IF, and then HOW.


Contact us: 

Art Square Luxembourg asbl
48, Avenue de la Liberté
L-1930 Luxembourg
tel. 00352 691 307 400