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Enjoy a Slice of Customer Data Analytics Pie

Today, it’s March 14—commonly known as International Pi (π) Day. Pi is an amazing mathematical constant because it articulates the unique ratio between the circumference of a circle and its diameter. Supercomputers have calculated it to over 60 trillion decimal places but most of us struggle to get beyond 3.14. Fun fact, world record holder [...]
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What Elephants and Customer Experiences Have in Common

Elephants have the largest brain of all land mammals and the ratio of their brains to their overall body mass is not far behind that of humans. So, why am I mentioning this seemingly random observation? Well, it’s important because humans are very much like elephants: they have amazing memories. This means they rarely forget [...]
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Q&A with Calabrio’s New Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Jones

New Calabrio CEO, Kevin Jones, has joined Calabrio bringing with him over 30 years of experience in the technology industry and a proven track record for driving business transformation. With his first week officially in the books, Kevin joins Calabrio’s Chief Human Resource officer, Kristen Gaarder, to share insight into his personal leadership style and [...]
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Are Contact Centers Missing Out on Delicious Customer Data?

CONTACT CENTERS ARE LIKE GIANT CANDY STORES FULL OF RICH, TEMPTING CUSTOMER DATA. JIM DAVIES SHARES FIVE DELICIOUS TIPS FOR MASTERING EFFECTIVE DATA COLLATION AND OPTIMIZATION. I remember the good old days when sweet shops existed on every street. The walls were lined with shelves, filled with large plastic tubs of our favorites—rhubarb and custards, [...]
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Make the Most of Your WFM Forecasting Process

Make the Most of Your WFM Forecasting Process The forecasting process in a contact center is the single most important thing to do if efficiency and accurate reporting are the top goals. An accurate forecast informs every single aspect of the contact center and ensures that budgets, staffing, and CX will be properly addressed. In [...]
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Using AI in the Contact Center for Greater Brand Guardianship

Why—and How— to Use AI, Machine Learning, and Analytics to Empower the Contact Center as a Brand Guardian The contact center is still the primary pressure-release valve for customers. And that pressure holds tremendous value. Customer frustrations reveal early warning signs of large-scale issues and brand risk. These insights can help contact centers rapidly fix [...]
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How to Beat Agent Attrition

THE TIGHT LABOR MARKET HAS COME FOR THE CONTACT CENTER Presented in Collaboration with our Partner, Amazon Web Services You know the signs: increased average handle time (AHT), increased irritation, productivity decline. Even in a remote/hybrid workforce, contact center leaders (if they’re paying attention) can see when their employees are slipping. Next step—attrition. In this [...]
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Redefine the Customer Journey with Calabrio Analytics

Making smart financial decisions can be challenging. Many people don’t know where to start, what it takes to achieve their life goals, or whom they can turn to for advice. That’s where GreenPath Financial Wellness comes in. GreenPath is a trusted national nonprofit that provides financial counseling services. They have spent over 60 years empowering [...]
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